Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ah, Fresh Water

During morning chores, we filled the watering trough in the pasture. It did not take long for the horses and ponies to wander down and check out what we were up to. Ah, there is nothing quite as tasty as fresh water right out of the well....Ava and Donnie grab a drink...quickly before the big horses come over and take over the trough. Make way for Fagner and Duffy!
Where is Moonbeam? Still munching tender grass in the much tastier than water!

PS....this water is from our barn well. We still have not finished with the house well....and although it was found to have sulfur, we plan to aerate the sulfur out of it....more to come about that!


  1. sweet way to start my day

    thanks ;)

  2. I am enjoying my visit to your farm. I actually grew up not far from you, 1 1/2 hrs away. I love PA. Your horses are beautiful, as is your new log cabin. I'll be back to visit and track your progress.

  3. Hey Bev, Just passing through to say hello! I think the animals are happy it's springtime too. ;0)



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