Monday, March 30, 2009

Maddie the Gator Dog

Looking at this picture you might be fooled into thinking that Maddie loves to be close to me. Well, she does love me, but in actuality she is just lazy and would rather ride than walk!I suppose it is hard work to be a 140 pound Newfie. At least Maddie would have us think so! Most days,when I get in the gator to attend to chores she squeezes her massive body into the small space in front of the passenger seat of the gator. A reminder from me to pull in her tail.... and off we go.


  1. Maddie is so cute! She and Harriet both had rather ride than walk!
    The house is looking good.

  2. Maddie is very smart...Why should she walk when she can ride...and..she does want to be with you

  3. Hi there!

    It's been a while since I've visited, but I wanted to say I've enjoyed my visit immensely!

    Good luck with the house construction; it looks beautiful! We'd love to have a home in the woods.



  4. I am surprised Maddie hasn't insisted on driving! lol! I can just see it, you in the cargo bed, Maddie & Sadie upfront and TomTom sitting on the hood like an ornament! Ah, critters gone Wild on the Farm! lol!


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