Monday, March 16, 2009

Feline Barn Games

This morning, while I was cleaning manure out of our dry lot in front of the barn I was treated to a hilarious kitty game. It seems that our frisky TomTom loves to burrow in piles of hay that are put out for the horses.

At one point, TomTom had just burrowed under a pile of hay, when a couple of the horses headed for that particular pile. Upon reaching the hay, they stuck their noses down and opened their mouths for a nibble. Just at that moment, TomTom sprang out of the hay obviously startled by the horses' presence. At the same time, the horses were quite startled and jumped for fear at the sight of a tiny orange tiger leaping out of their breakfast.


  1. At least Tom-Tom kept you entertained this morning. Does he wiggle his little bottom before jumping in the hay. Our cat Ditto has this wiggle dance that he does when he is pouncing!

  2. cats are so fun..very entertaining..Tom Tom is a happy cat..where are his buddies???

  3. We have five barn cats and I just love to watch them play in the barn!


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