Friday, February 6, 2009

Turf Wars

Well, the girls have had a bit of a dispute this past week. It seems that Jill will not let Missy into the maternity ward. Our three pregnant does are housed in their own goat yard with a luxury goat house. This goat house is big and wide open until the gals begin to deliver, and then stalls are installed and each goat has her own nursery. Up to this point, they have all willingly shared the space with no problems. That is until this past week, when Jill decided that Missy "had to go". Poor Missy, stuck outside in the sleet and rain....pregnant and alone.The solution to the problem? We moved a small house into the goat yard so that Missy had her own single family unit. Now Jill and Myrtle share the big house....that is until Jill decides that Myrtle "has to go!"


  1. You told this story in such a cute way! Poor Missy. Glad you came up with a solution.

  2. I'm very glad that you didn't leave Missy out in the cold..she's lucky to have you

  3. Tell Jill, She needs to play nice!
    It is amazing how "catty" goaties can get...awe heck, I recall being a bit cranky at times when I was pregnant so very, very, long!


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