Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Gus

Meet Gus. When Gus found out that Elvis had his very own posting, he tackled me in the driveway and insisted that he be given equal time. Gus is our one and only white guinea fowl. He is the only one of his flock that we are sure is a male. This we know from a particular behavior that he frequently exhibits....yes, and you can guess what that is!


Mildred said...

Well naturally Gus deserves equal blog coverage!!!

cheesychick said...

Just found your blog through "On the Pond Farm". I thought I saw someone on there that I knew and yep, sure enough, it's Dr. Becky. Too cool. Neat blog and beautiful house! I'll be back.

Kelly or Alex said...

Gus is so handsome. I know the girls are impressed. Do guineas do well in the cold? Maine.

Anonymous said...

GO GUS!!!!!

Mimi said...

This is too funny. I hope he doesn't get into the habit of tackling you!


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