Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Construction Update: Ceilings

We now have ceilings over the beams in the laundry room and the kitchen. All of the rooms in the basement and 1st floor are studded out. As soon as all of the ceiling decking is installed (this will also act as the floor in the upstairs loft) they will stud out the rooms for the second floor and loft areas.

We will be moving into the guest house in April and living there full time until construction is complete. Thank goodness for nice weather....it will give us an opportunity to be outside most of the time....instead of being cooped up in a 20 X 20 space.


  1. wow! to think, 4 months ago you were just breaking ground....now you are better then
    1/2 way completed!
    This is so cool to be able to watch as your dream home comes to fruition....

  2. This is so amazing to see your dream home come to life. Everything is looking wonderful. I know you are so excited.

  3. Beautiful,beautiful wood!!! I just love it!!!!

  4. The gazebo is taking shape. It will be beautiful when you're done with it. Sorry that I don't like sauerkraut. It's amazing how many heads of cabbage it took to get that much. Your produce looks beautiful. Maybe Tom and Chuck find it easier to go to their new home rather than the old one. That's too funny. I think your bear is very cute. Much safer than the real one. Just be careful out there. Have a great day!


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