Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiet Winter Scenes

Being from Africa, Guineas are not so fond of snow and ice, and so they spend most of these days seeking shelter on the Dutch doors to the horse stalls. This was the view from the top of Bee Haven Lane yesterday after the snow ended. Off to the far right in the distance is the barn.The structures straight ahead down the lane include two chicken houses on the right and 3 goat pens on the left. It is so peaceful on days like this...the snow has a way of muffling the sounds and for the most part, the chickens and goats stay warm and dry in their houses. Yes, that is our dear Sadie in the front of the picture....wherever we go...Sadie is always on our heels.
Ava likes to catch a little nap on the soft pine needles beneath the old pine in the front pasture.

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  1. peace and serenity...very calming


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