Monday, January 19, 2009

The Life of a Barn Kitty

I forgot to mention how our barn kitties fight the cold......
They each have their own goat-warming hut (made by Uncle Mike). You might remember that Uncle Mike had instructions for making these warming huts published in the last issue of Hobby Farms. Needless to say, they come in quite handy for many of our animals and fowl.


  1. I hope they know how lucky they are..wish I had a warming hut!!

  2. ohhh! warmth! tell TomTom to make room for me! lol!

  3. Now isn't that something! I wanna be one of your barn cats! :0) That is such a great idea and baby goats would have been in heaven in such a warm area. I used the heatlamps and hung them overhead to provide the warmth but this is perfect.


  4. My cats would probably enjoy one of those inside this old house. Not as cold as a barn, but sometimes Ii feel like I'm living in one. Your kitty looks so good in his blue grotto.

  5. LOVE this picture and they are some real spoiled cats! What a life LOL! To cute! xox


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