Friday, January 2, 2009

Clear Skies

Clear skies make for great construction days. Today was a big day...our contractor hired a crane to lift the main beams into place. Very soon we will start to see the logs of the second floor go up.

This is a 10 by 10 solid pine post that helps to hold up the main beam running through the center of the house. This beam will make up one of the corners of my kitchen. The beam that sits upon it is 12 by 12 solid pine and the smaller beams are 6 by 12.
Those red poles that help to hold up the main beam will be hidden in walls. This view shows the width of the house from the kitchen, across the dining and great room, the study and into the Master Bedroom. It is sort of hard to imagine without any of the interior walls in place. All of these beams will be exposed in the finished house. The interior and exterior will be stained a bit darker and sealed eventually.


Autumn said...

Those beams are sooo massive! It's so exciting to see this going up!!!!

Mimi said...

This is all moving so quickly! How exciting. You must be thrilled.

andrea said...

I am on dial up so often don't wait to see pictures
I'm very patient watching your house being built tho!
Saw the article on warming huts yesterday - also very neat!

Thistledew Farm said...

So exciting - we were where you are 10 month ago and we're almost done now. We are drywalling and I can't believe how much different it looks inside! Good Luck.

smoothiejuice said...

what a palace...awesome!


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