Monday, March 31, 2008

Kids at Play

I just had to share this video with you. We took it yesterday....out playing with the kids. Oh my, they are so very cute! You will love this! It is Forest and Bev at play....leap frog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nursery News

Our dear little goaties continue to grow each day. At first we were quite worried about Missy's little guy. He is the tri-color buckling in this picture. Becky thought that Missy had kicked him out of her womb before he was quite cooked. According to calculations, he was born just a tad early. For the first few days he just layed around sleeping most of the time, and for a couple of days we were worried that he would not thrive. Missy has been quite the attentive Mama and he has developed nicely. He now runs around and plays like the rest. He is still a bit small and spindly, but he has a great spirit.

Myrtle's twins are also growing and becoming more active. Her little doeling covered my face with goat kisses yesterday as I sat holding her. It is also impossible to get a clear picture of both of these little one is always on the move! I must is going to be quite hard to let go of any of these kids...they really worm their ways into your heart. Forest and Bubba are especially friendly and spend all of their time trying to jump into your lap. They fancy themselves to be mountain goats and are quite adept at climbing and leaping!

Here is Forest..."wind" in his ears is a new experience! By the way, he is definitely my favorite goat. He spends most of his time leaping into your lap....I can only imagine how this will be when he weighs 90 lbs!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forest and Bubba at Play

So Spike and Ollie are now Bubba and Forest. They are just the best of friends and spend their days climbing and jumping. You can see that Forest is quite the climber...Bubba seems to get climbed upon quite a bit!

Friday, March 21, 2008

More New Baby Goats!!!

Today was an extremely busy day in the Bee Haven Acres Nursery. Missy gave birth to a tiny blue-eyed,tri-color buckling. He is just the handsomest!!Here is Becky with Missy's new buckling...treating his cord with betadine...
And Myrtle gave birth to a black and white, blue-eyed doeling and a black and white, blue-eyed buckling. They are a matched set. We are so proud of Myrtle...she is the only one of our gals to produce a doe. Meanwhile, Jills boys (re-named Forest and Bubba) are wild and crazy. They run and hop and climb and jump most of the day. Their antics are so comical. And they are both just so lovable and cuddly!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barn Kitties

This past weekend Miss Ella(Camilla), one of our barn kitties, reminded me that she and her buddy, Charles(Prince Charles) had never been featured in our blog. So, since she was feeling particularly photogenic that day, I snapped her picture and promised her that I would write her story. Charlie and Ella came to live on Bee Haven Acres a few years ago on the very day that Prince Charles married his long time love Camilla. Jack and I had gone to the Humane Society to find a pair of barn cats. Thinking that adopting two cats would be a good thing to do and also an inexpensive(they ended up costing us about $200!) way to buy cats, we proceeded to search for just the right pair. We were told that these two kitties had been found wandering the streets of a couple local towns. So, we introduced them to each other in a meet and greet room at the animal shelter. Tolerance seemed to be the mood of the kitties that day, so we packed them up and took off for the farm. They have continued to get along great. And, since we never see mice in our barn, I am assuming that they are doing their assigned jobs....however, they each get a Fancy Feast seafood breakfast and there is not that great an incentive to work hard! (Buy the way, they have made it quite clear that they prefer the taste of seafood or fish over any other choices.) I guess we will never have to worry about a fish infestation in our barn!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chicken Relocation Project

Well, it seems that 26 chicken poulets make quite a bit of dust when housed in one's garage....and so it was time to move the chicken babies to their new quarters. Mike and Becky have been housing these little gals first in their bathroom in horse tubs and then later in their garage. These gals have grown and grown and are starting to fly a with all that flapping going on, it was time to move to a chicken house.

We loaded them into a large trash can, placed them on the back of the gator and trecked over to the older chicken house, where we introduced them to their new heated house.

They will stay indoors here until the weather gets a bit warmer and then will be allowed out into the chicken yard at will. Eventually this flock will be introduced to our main chicken house and yard with our other 7 layers. They seemed to adapt t0 their new housing quite quickly. This coop is complete with warming lamp, a warming hut, plenty of fresh water and growing mash.....yummy!

Our First Bucklings Have Names!

Meet Spike(after film director Spike Lee) and Ollie (after film director Oliver Stone). Becky thought of names for our little guys...since one is black and one is white....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy, Happy Day....Goat Babies Have Arrived!!

Oh how the air at Bee Haven Acres is alive with excitement. Last night Jill gave birth to two blue eyed baby boys. One is white with black spots and the other is black with white spots! They are just the cutest and doing so well. This morning they are walking around, nursing, passing little goat poops and investigating their world. They are so inquisitive and so friendly! Here are a couple of pictures......for more pictures see our goat

Jill's Baby Goats

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Growing Chickens

After hawks and other predators severely decreased our numbers of layers last year, we decided to cover the chicken yard with netting, order new chickens and place a second chicken coop at the other side of the yard. A few weeks ago, our day old chicks arrived. For now, they are staying in Mike and Becky's garage until they are large enough to move into one of the older houses. There they will continue to grow until they are large enough to hold their own with our few remaining older gals. This batch numbers 26 and is an assorted brown egg laying batch. It has been so much fun to watch them change as they grow....I think they are going to be beauties!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not-So-Brave Maddie and Other Tales.......

This morning while cleaning the pastures, our Newfie, Maddie decided to keep us company and crawled under the pasture fence. Maddie is extremely wary of the horses, but her love for a breakfast of roadapples helps her to forget her fears. However, once she got close to us and realized how close to our pony she was, she quickly sought shelter in the gator. With barely enough room to squeeze her enormous body, she crawled into the front and stayed there through the remainder of the clean-up.

Two weeks ago we spent a part of a Satuday renovating the bluebird houses. I had posted a picture of one of our new houses ready to receive it's new inhabitants. Sadly, when we went back to check this box, we found that another bird has been working hard to enlarge the hole. This box is no longer bluebird worthy.

I am happy to report that we saw a pair of Eastern bluebirds checking out one of the other boxes. Hopefully, they will settle there; and the sparrows and starlings will leave them alone.


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