Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days of clear weather, and more logs have gone up. The first floor is not quite complete...but getting a little further along each day. Eventually the inside and the outside of the logs will be stained a bit darker.

A view of the front of the house....lots of doors and big windows on the main floor.
The excavator back-filled around the foundation. Final grading will include digging out the area in front of the lower level door and windows and sloping that area down through the front yard for adequate drainage.
The front of the house has a bumped-out area. Two large French doors will provide lots of light and a wonderful view. Above each of those doors will be trapezoidal windows giving even more light.


  1. Bev! I love seeing this from the ground up! I am still amazed about the lower level- it just amazes me that water isn't a problem with that door at ground level.

    I see lots of windows for lots of light- wonderful!!!!
    It is taking shape so much faster than traditional -or is it just that it's not me waiting???

  2. It is looking beautiful. We will enjoy watching the progress. I can already see a fire glowing and everyone warm and toasty.

  3. oh wowzer! it's all coming together...how cool!
    The 1st picture shows the side/ends of the logs, now I can see how well they snap together via the 'dove tail' grooves.
    hugz & Merry Christmas

  4. Wow, it is going to be so beautiful. I am trying not to have log envy! Miss you guys. I know you are so busy, hopefully we can get together after the holidays. Let me know when you are up sometime! Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Bev! It's looking like a real cabin! So exciting! What a wonderful time in your blessed life! Hugs, Maryjane


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