Friday, December 19, 2008

Yesterday was quite a productive day on the construction site. The cement truck finally arrived and poured our basement concrete....which remains tucked safely under a warm blanket.

Log placement began and you can see our back wall starting to take shape. As you look at this wall from left to right, you see the small window frame for the laundry room. To the right of that is the window frame that will house my garden window over the kitchen sink. Continuing on to the right is the sliding glass door frame that will open onto the screen porch and then the sliding second set of sliding glass doors in the dining room that will open onto a deck. To the right of that is a window in the study and finally on the far right is the frame for the French door in our master bedroom that will also open onto the back deck.

Each log is numbered and lettered so its exact location is obvious. Between each log is a product called Permachink. This is a type of chinking that lies in the tongue and groove of the logs and serves as a weather seal. Unlike the old round log cabins, this type of chinking is not visible between the logs. These logs are 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide....impervious to the cold winters of Pennsylvania. In these pictures because of the distance away from the logs, it is hard to tell just how sturdy each log is.


  1. It's all really coming together now, Bev. You must be very excited :)

    Kim x

  2. Amazing the progress you are making. I can just picture your lovely kitchen window! You must be so excited!

  3. I love what I see so far!! Can't wait to see my room! How exciting this whole process is to watch. XXOO

  4. How Kool to watch your dream home coming to fuition....

  5. What a thrill this is for ready to put some clothes on to wash and put some herbs in that kitchen window? :0)

    Oh, and I hope you do have a white Christmas!

    Hugs, Steph


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