Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye Charlie Cat

Our dear barn kittie Charlie chased his last mouse, and has joined his old friends in Kitty Heaven. Charlie and his gal, Ella have been our mousers for the past 4 years. Charlie was born in unknown. His youth was spent prowling the streets of Dillsburg, catching his meals wherever he could. He was apprehended by the SPCA and thrown in the Pen for several months, where he was later rescued by us. He was well loved, and loved well. The past 4 years were spent with a warm bed in the barn and plenty of food and drink. His days were punctuated by visits from family and neighbors that always included lots of snuzzling. He had the run of the farm with acres and acres of mice.

Charlie was always skinny and arthritic in his appearance....and he had a snaggle tooth. He was not the most handsome cat, but his wirey looks made us love him all the more. In the end, his heart was just too labored to go on and Charlie gave in to that long, sweet rest that he so deserved.

We will miss you Charlie. The barn just won't be the same without you!


  1. Your Charlie looked just like my cat Charlie from my childhood. Bless you for giving him such a loving home.

  2. Charlie will be visting my Licorice & Puddums "Over the Rainbow Bridge" pains us to lose them but so happy that they are/were a part of our lives for which I would never trade...even if it means a sad & broken heart when having to let them go.
    Good bye Charlie & have fun 'mousing in God's barn".

  3. Oh Bev, I am so sorry that Charlie has passed. What a precious cat I am sure he was. He reminds me of one of our cats from the past. Ahhh, he will be missed! I do believe there is a cat heaven!



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