Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Buddies

For now, our dear Lucy Cat lives under our A-frame guest house. She has quite comfortable quarters complete with heater, heat lamp over a stuffed, sheepskin bed, and plenty of food and water. She spends her day supervising the building of our log home and in her spare time sits by the bird feeders waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting birdie. She and Maddie are the best of friends. At first Maddie tried chasing her....which to a Newfie is great sport....but, Lucy just would not run. Maddie has given in to cuddle time, instead.


GardenGoose said...

aww they sure look like a cute pair.
wanted to stop by and say "hi there" and to wish you and yours a lovely Holiday season.

Katmom said...

oh I love that total opposits can be the best of bad people over look this possibility for friendship.
Give Lucy & Maddie smoochies for me.
And you all stay's 3 degess here where I live...brrrr!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy they have each other.Lucy looks like my Abby..animals are such a blessing

Mildred said...

What an adorable picture. Our dachshund started chasing our cat but once the cat quit running, everything was ok! Funny how they figure it all out!


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