Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goatie Treats

Who would have guessed that the pine trees that were felled by last week's ice storm would turn into goatie treats? Amazingly, our goaties love munching the tender pine needles!

Even better than a tasty treat, though, is a chin scratching!

This is our friendliest goat of all.....Spider. Spider was born with contractures in all of his leg muscles...that is, his legs were all stuck in a bent position....unable to stand or walk. Thanks to the great care of Doctor Becky, he is now a proud, athletic goat and one of our favorites! And to think at one point we feared losing him.


  1. spider was lucky enough to have been born on your farm where, for sure, he would be well taken care of..he's a happy little goat

  2. WOWZER! to think, I just learned that Elephants find pine (Christmas) trees are a special treat too!
    Hugz to Spider & Dr. Becky for helping Spider a chance to frolic with his siblings and mama bev & papa jack.

  3. Super cute picts. Way to go, Spider!


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