Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Log Delivery

Today was an exciting day, indeed... our first load of logs was delivered. These logs will make the outside walls of our first floor. Two more deliveries will bring the second floor logs and window jams and roof trusses. Oh if only we could control the weather. By late morning, it started to snow. No work will be done until the weather clears. And to think that every other year I wished for a white Christmas!!

Not this year.... ok... we can have a white Christmas; as long as it melts right afterwards!

It is amazing to me that one man can deliver an enormous load of logs by himself. That crane was amazing! It lifted several pallets of logs with no effort at all and placed them right on the subfloor of the house. From here they will be placed around the outside to form our outside walls.... yes, just like Lincoln Logs!


  1. sorry this weeks weather is going to be so bad..very exciting time for you

  2. OOOOHHWEEEEEE! The logs have arrived!!!
    This baby will be up before ya know it!!!

  3. yeah! Jack got his Lincoln Logs!


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