Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bitter Winter Winds

Winter arrived today with a frigid blast of wind and snow showers. This is our little A-frame cottage that serves as home on the farm until construction of our log home is complete. We have replaced the windows with ones that will match the log home's and the exterior of this little cottage will be covered with Log siding to match the exterior of the farm house. This Spring I will paint the front door green to match the windows. It remains a work in progress. It is toasty warm and quite homey much so, that leaving it at 6 AM to attend to chores is a bit difficult.

Cold weather never seems to be a hardship for the animals...they weather the winter winds quite well.

Ample supplies of hay and feed help all to fight Winter's chill.

Even the ducks seem unaffected by the cold....continuing to paddle around all winter long.

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  1. they are very lucky not to be bothered by the cold..also lucky to be so well taken care of


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