Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Have a Foundation!!!

The foundation for our new log home is complete! Here are a few pictures to document the progress thus far. It feels great to finally see some progress in the right direction. Within the next two weeks, the concrete will be poured in the basement, the sub-floor for the first floor will go on....and the logs will arrive. From that point on, there will be much to watch. We are so excited!


  1. OH MY WORD!!!! it's up! you really are going to have a log home! How cool is that!
    When do they pour the concrete?
    I'll be keeping my fingers & eyes crossed for no snow till after the concrete is set up.
    You went w/metal studs, is the blue stuff tween the studs construction insulation foam sheets or ?
    Wow, befor you know it, you'll be hanging a wreath on the front door...(wink).
    I can hardly wait to see the logs go up.

  2. This is so exciting for me - I know you must be thrilled. I look forward to following your progress.

  3. Oh Bev, this is so exciting! Thanks for showing us the steps to your log home! Me oh my, Bev is a lucky guy...(gal)! LOL! Big Hugs, Maryjane

  4. so happy and excited for you ..very fun..looking forward to each step

  5. Ooh! That was quick. You will have your home in no time!


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