Monday, November 24, 2008


We have two types of goats on our farm. My favorite are these goats in this picture. You can see they are overjoyed to have Jack in their pen....and that is behaviour you can always count on. The Dwarf Nigerians, are so athletic and so friendly. Their babies are adorable! Ours tend to get rather round bellies...they love to eat.

I am trying not to get too overly excited about building our farm house...because so far the process is a slow one. As you can see, the hole is almost finished, but there is a little work to be finished to make this ready to put up the foundation walls this Friday. We are using Superior Walls....they are concrete, fully insulated with metal studs already attached. This whole process should take only a day. So, by the end of Black Friday, there will be basement walls here. Off to the left on this picture are the remaining retaining walls that surround our pool deck. The deck will be replaced, and the pool refurbished, after the main house is built. Right now it looks like a disaster area I suppose, but to me it looks beautiful!
It is a bit hard to envision a house on this location.....but just wait.


  1. We will soon have new dwarf babies! Mandy is starting to show early signs of labor. They are so lovable but don't tell Diva I said that! I am watching faithfully on the building of your home. I told hubby when you moved into your new home that cute little cottage you are in would be empty. LOL He just rolled his eyes. seriously though I am enjoying the building photos and posts. Have a great week.

  2. the storm before the rainbow

  3. Disaster area?? Naw!!! Dream come true?? yeah!!!!!

  4. Tag you're it! See my blog for details.


    Ps I just love watchin how your house is coming along. I love old houses and I'm so glad you decided to save this one.


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