Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friendly Goats....

Everyone at the farm was happy to get a visit from Grandpap this week.....especially our Dwarf Nigerian Goats. If you look closely at Grandpap's lower hand, you might notice that he has a bit of blood between his fingers. That was courtesy of Donnie Brasco, our woolly pony, who mistook his finger for a treat. (He quickly spit it out, though....after all, fingers taste nothing like peppermints!) A mere flesh wound....Grandpap quickly recovered!
Sissy (fainting of Myrtle's twins from this Spring) was so overcome, she dropped to the ground in a "faint".
In a few seconds, however, she was back on her feet and headed across the goat yard to find safe haven by the far away from that crazy pony as possible!

"Whew! I hate the sight of blood!"


Autumn said...

Our elders are so precious- my father in law enjoys his time out here as well.

I hope Grampap's health concerns are better!
I can't wait to see the log house!!!

Katmom said...

Sissy is toooo cute! love her pink nose.

Jamie said...

What a great post....and blog!!! Your animals are precious!!!



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