Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy Day

Here I sit...inside our cozy 20 X 20 A-frame, waiting for a break in the rain, so that I can get a little garden work finished. I cannot complain, it has been quite a beautiful Autumn...barely any rain at all until today. No work is happening on the remains half torn down...awaiting its final demise.Jack found this curious fellow crossing the driveway in the rain....amazing colors! I think we'll name him Sal.Even Donnie is soaked to the gills...(what happened to our wooly pony?)


  1. Wow, he is SO bright! That's amazing. I've only seen brownish ones in Michigan where we are. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough!

  2. I think "Opie" would be perfect with all those freckles! lol!
    Your 4 legged kids are soooo sweet. I can almost feel their horsey nosey kisses...I luv nozzling w/horses, they never complain about bad breath! lol!

  3. What a fantastic colour. I have never seen anything like that before. (Im in the UK so of course I wouldnt...doh!) but not even on a documentary. Amazing!


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