Monday, October 13, 2008

Farm Visitors

We had another exciting day at Bee Haven Acres this weekend. On top of fabulous Fall weather, we were treated to a visit from our friends Ann and Tim and their horse Roeluf. Roeluf is a magnificent Friesian. Roeluf is about 10 years old....and enormous. This picture of Jack walking with him is misleading. Jack is uphill from Roeluf, thus making him look more like a pony. That's Ann behind Jack.We had a picnic and then hooked the horse up to his carriage and rode through our woods on our horse trails...what a treat!
Here is Roeluf enjoying a much-deserved shower. Fagner and Duffy are quite interested in this handsome fellow!


  1. sounds like a fun time..he's a beauty

  2. The deconstruction is coming along - what a great break and lovely friends....


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