Saturday, August 9, 2008

You Can't Keep Them Young!

This morning started much the same as every morning on the farm. Our alarm clock is the first "wake up!" song of Mr. Cardinal (Mr. and Mrs. are year-long residents in the tree outside the farmhouse). Without fail, each day he sings the first stanza of his song and then, as if we've pushed the snooze button, he waits about 10 minutes before continuing. At that point Mrs. Cardinal answers him back and the avian forest chorus joins in. From this point on it is hard to think about going back to sleep. The sun has begun its ascent and with the brightening sky we know that hungry animals await our arrival. Out of bed, we pull on our jeans, muck boots, and this morning, a sweatshirt. The temperature is unseasonably cool which makes morning chores so much more pleasant.

We are not the only ones that enjoy this break from the dog days of summer. The horses and ponies are so much more energetic...galloping around the pastures and kicking up their heels. This morning I am greeted by two hungry ponies at the pasture gate. After bringing them and the horses down to the barn for breakfast, we head up to feed the goats and chickens.
Looking at our sweet goats I realize with a melancholy sigh that like our children it is impossible to keep them small. They grow up before their parents are ready. Our bucklings are adolescents and effects of puberty are quite evident. They have thick beards and proud horns. Their voices have deepened and they have started to show off for the doelings.....not so different from our own boys when they were teenagers. At least the goats will stay worries of driving, or drinking, or mischievous pranks.
On the way back to the house (after mucking pastures) we stop by the guinea house to check food and water. Oh my, how these babies have grown! Like all of the babies we have just can't keep them young.

It is 7:30 AM and the morning chores are finished. As usual, the reward for a job well done is a big farm breakfast with fresh eggs from our hens.

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  1. wonderful way to start the day..what did you do the rest of the day???


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