Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Babies Keep Growing!

Isn't that always the case? No matter how hard we try to freeze our children at certain ages and keep them small, they always grow up...well before we are ready for it! And so it is the same with farm babies. When they are small, they are warm and cuddly and so dependant upon you. Then they begin to grow and become more independant and even test their limits like children do. We have had such fun over the past months with our baby goats. They still enthusiastically greet us at their gate, but now their play is a bit rougher and entering their yard holds its risks, though minor. Little horn buds have become fairly large horns, and our little goats have learned that they can make a point with those horns. (We have come to find that those horns are great back-scratchers, also!) Here are Myrtle's twins (Sissy on the left and YoSkip on the right)

Forrest is the largest of our babies and still remains such a sweetheart...gentle and kind.

Smoochie is growing to be quite the handsome fellow and will make a beautiful breeding buck.

Two of our goat babies remain For Sale....Yo Skip (fainting goat) pictured above and our little tricolor Dwarf Nigerian buck named Darryl... Both goats are available as full bucks (and would make terrific breeders), or we will neuter them for you. They need to go to a home with other goats as these fellows are quite sociable and will need company. Unless, of course, you wish to adopt them both! If you are us!

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