Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guinea Gnews!

Welcome!... to Bee Haven Acres newest additions....16 baby guinea fowl. We are replenishing our flock whose numbers are down to seven. Last year we started with 18 guineas. Unfortunately, this bunch had a nasty habit of throwing themselves in front of large, heavy moving objects such as trucks and farm equipment.

Aren't they just adorable? Hard to believe that they go from this:

...To this in just a few short months!


  1. I just sold our last 3 and can't believe how quiet it is around here. LOL

  2. congratulations...there was a mommyy bluebird feeding her new babies on my birdfeeder this AM..did you know that the only thing blue on the babies is the tip of their tail feathers???

  3. Thanx for sharing the "Good Gnews about the Gnew Guinea & Good Luck!"
    We had a "neighborhood guinea" who thought he was a Quail & hung w/the pack. They would walk past our back window nearly everyday in the late Summer & early Fall. But we have not seen them since last year. Bummer.


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