Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goat Tales....

Here is Myrtle, the amazing one-eyed goat. She is fully recovered from her eye removal surgery and getting along just fine. I am not sure if goats have the same depth perception that humans do as their eyes are more lateral on their face, but Myrtle doesn't seem to be affected by the loss of her right eye. She is a very sweet goat who produces perfect kids. It is great to finally see her no longer suffering with such a sore eye.
Here are Jack and Spider, out for evening chores. Spider is one of our "special" goats. Of course, they are all special, but Spider had a rough start. He was one of Star's triplets and was born with contractures of his legs, making it impossible for him to stand. Stretching and bandaging eventually straightened his legs and relaxed the contractures; and now he is just as athletic as all of the other Nigerian goats. All that early handling made him an especially affectionate goat. It is always Spider who greets us at the gate and clambers to climb onto our laps.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog from Hidden Haven's. I have enjoyed reading about your lovely farm and wonderful goats although I think it is totally unfair you have a resident vet. How great is that?
    I too struggle with the dehorning thing so I bought a polled buck in hopes that I will not have to dehorn. He was too young to make babies this year so we will see next.
    Great blog.


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