Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ava's Excellent Adventure

Ava, Fagner, Duffy
This morning was like most. The sun was nearly up. The mist hung above the trees. A neighboring rooster was crowing and the local birds were beginning their morning choir practice. I was feeding Moonbeam and the pony (who stay in the dry lot at night...they are on a diet) when Becky appeared and said, "I'm pretty sure the horses (Fagner, Ava, and Duffy) are gone. One of the gates to the pasture is open." Well, it always seems that when something exciting has happened, I am without a camera. So it will have to suffice that I just tell you this story.
So, Becky and I grabbed halters and treats and jumped into the gator to go looking for wayward horses. We did not have far to go, though. It seems that the three of them never made it any farther than the riding arena...which sits in the middle of our field of oats. What a yummy treat that must have been! It only took a few moments to catch each of them and place a halter on Fagner and a bridle on Duffy (who Becky rode back to the barn). Dear sweet Ava just trotted along behind all of us as if this is what we do every day! Of course, now she is fast asleep on the floor of her stall as I write this. Quite an exciting night for Ava....her first taste of freedom....and probably not her last, here at RunAMuck Farm!!
I wonder how long it took for them to notice that the gate was open...and I wonder who was the ringleader? "WaHoooooooo, Heaven straight ahead!" I am sure they said as they sauntered (or maybe galloped) down the road towards an open field of oats!

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  1. they were doing a little taste testing to see if they wanted to stick around..glad they didn't get too far


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