Friday, June 20, 2008

Keep Myrtle in your Thoughts

Our dear sweet Myrtle has been battling an eye issue for the past year. Most of the time her eye is swollen and sore and bulging. Unfortunately as a result of this, she has had to have her right eye removed. Please keep her in your thoughts and send healing energy her way. She has been such a good goat and a great Mama to her twins....we hope that life gets a little easier for her after her surgery. The bulk of our strawberries have been picked. The blueberries are ripening as is most of what we have planted in our vegetable garden. Now is a good time to take a short off to the beach we go for the rest of the week. Please check back with us after June 29th.


  1. poor myrtle..hope she's more comfortable..don't forget your sunscreen:)

  2. I hope things are going OK for Myrtle. I love goats. They always look like they're smiling.

  3. Hugz to sweet Myrtle, hope her surgry goes well.
    Have a wonderful & relaxing respit w/your DH.

  4. Aaw, hope she gets better soon. Sending you good luck and best wishes, from Meg and the cats xxx

  5. Poor Myrtle, hopes she get better soon!

  6. I hope Myrtle is doing lots better. She sure is beautiful!


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