Monday, June 30, 2008

Farm News

It has been a week away from the vacation at the beach....and it seems that in our absence the place has had an amazing growth spurt. The vegetable garden is quite productive. The blueberry bushes are loaded with not-quite-ripe berries.

The baby goats continue to grow and mature each day. Three goaties have left us and begun their lives in their new homes. It is so sad to see them go, but alas, we cannot keep them all; especially if we are going to have more babies next year! We now have 5 goat pastures and don't want to have to build any more fences!

Yesterday was vaccination and microchip day for the baby Nigerians. Becky vaccinated, Jack held them, and I photographed. Poor babies, the process was traumatic, but quickly forgotten with treats of Ritz crackers (their favorite). You can see that poor Stella is not a bit happy with this arrangement.
For those of you who wonder how Myrtle is doing....well, she is now Myrtle, the amazing one-eyed goat. I am happy to tell you that the pathology report was negative. Her nasty eye was full of inflammation but no malignancy.
Two of our 31 chickens have been placed into the chicken relocation program and sent back to the older chicken coop....for some reason these two were ostracized by the rest of the flock( a little fowl-play going on). Now those two will share their own chicken condominium, with very roomy accommodations. It should be any day now that all of our chickens begin laying. 30 eggs a day......hmmm......anybody need eggs???


  1. blueberry omelet anyone???

  2. realise how fast your babies are growing when it comes to vaccination time! It was the same here when I used to foster kittens and I knew they would be leaving when it came to them being vaccinated. A very sad time.

    I'm glad to hear Myrtle is doing well!

    As for all those eggs, I don't think they would last the trip over here!! My Dad's hens are laying lots too and we regularly have a bag full left at the door for us...a bit like a milkman but with eggs! Haha.

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  3. do you have a chicken coop? Or do your chickens roam free? I am thinking about getting some chickens. Would love to see how you house your chickens. Thank you,

  4. I will take pictures of my chicken coop arrangement today and post them on this blog for you. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Oh, how I remember those vaccination days..I was the (becky)..:o) What made it even harder is that I HATE needles..LOL And of course the kids knew it!


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