Monday, May 12, 2008

The Many Wonders of Spring

It seems there is never a shortage of photograph worthy happenings on the farm. Life seems to burst forth at an unbelievable rate in Spring. The strawberry plants have once again shaken off their wintry wilt and are alive with blossoms. The bees are busily pollinating their blooms. In a few short weeks, each of these flowers will be replaced by a juicy delicious berry!
The guinea hens have paired off with the intent of raising their broods. I uncovered this nest of guinea eggs yesterday while mowing one of our hay fields. We were preparing a plot of land for fencing and a housing area for more goats. Sadly, I believe this nest will be sacrificed in the meantime. As no one is keeping these eggs warm, they will most likely be eaten by a possum, fox or raccoon.


  1. Hi Bev:

    It's too bad your eggs don't have a momma! The hens today are not really broody most of the time. Maybe you could incubate them and see what happens. Hope you enjoyed the rain today!!

  2. Hi Bev!

    I always love to come to your farm blog to check in with you, read and enjoy your beautiful pictures! I love how you capture nature and write about it. I to remember catching caterpillars! The black ones were huge!

    Wishing you a wonderful week on the farm dear friend!

    Love ya!

  3. Hi Bev, Thanks for your sweet message on my blog. I have heard alot about you from Maryjane. Love your blog and I especially like the pictures of the guinea eggs. Very nice!
    Love, Ann


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