Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Goat With an Attitude

Monday between weeding the strawberry patch and mowing the orchard, I decided to take a little break and sit with the Nigerian dwarf babies. I sat down in the middle of them and just had to laugh. They behave much like a group of un-supervised three year olds. They push and shove and vie for attention. So, the entire time I was sitting on the ground, I had at least three goats in my lap, and two trying to climb up onto my shoulders from behind. For some reason, they all have a fascination with trying to eat my hair (my shoelaces, my sleeves, the camera, etc.) The most brazen of all these little kids is Spider. In this video, it is obvious that he wants something....however, I never did figure out what that was.
Watch.........And make sure your sound is turned up nice and loud.


Anonymous said...

Spiders not a very nice little kid..should be called "Sassy"..I realy like the way Audrey is colored.very cute

kathyann said...

Hi there,just catching up on all my bloogging friends and what a treat I have had this morning,all your little babies are just gorgeous.Poor little Spider I don't think he knew himself what he wanted!Didn't your mums do so well in producing all these wonderful little things I just wish we had somewhere big enough to have some of our own(my mother alway said I should have had a farm lol)
I look forward to popping back to see how they are all doing
Love from Kathyann and the girls

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Now how cute is that Bev?!!!! What cute sounds they make especially Spider! He did want something! Maryjane xo

Sheryl-lyn said...

What adorable kids. They sound so cute and needy. That suits me perfectly. As I was watching, I pictured them running around with my chickens.

Kim said...

Spider wants to come and live with me, that's what he was saying :0) What little honeys they all are. Thanks for sharing that with us :)

Kim x

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Bev, I love it! How cute is that! I came over to check on your blog too. I have to laugh, when I was watching your video, I had the sound up loud, and my dog Buck the Rottweiler came running out of the bedroom and just stood here with his head to one side watching and listening. It was so precious!
Love, Ann


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