Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahhh Spring! (Finally)

Why does it seem like every winter gets just a little longer than the one before it? Well, I think Spring has finally arrived at Bee Haven. The days are consistently warmer, the trees are in bud and the soil is finally workable. The past few days have been quite busy here. We built a new roof for the greenhouse on Tuesday, so Wednesday was spent getting seeds planted and watered and now we wait and watch. I placed a heater in the greenhouse as the nights are still fairly cold. With any luck, in a couple of weeks we should see little seedlings poking their heads thru the soil.

The Troy Built came out of hibernation and yesterday I tilled about a quarter of the garden. Becky uncovered the strawberries and we will watch then perk up over the next few days....they always wake up from their winter's nap tucked under straw looking a bit bedraggled! The onions are in the ground, the garlic is up and I took a chance and planted an early crop of broccoli and cauliflower (I am banking on no more killing frosts!). The beet seeds are in as well. If the weather holds, Friday I will also sew seeds for snow peas, radishes, spinach and lettuce. This year I hope to get a much earlier harvest of these cool weather crops!

The goats continue to grow daily. Forrest(Pictured with Jack holding him) has now discovered how to jump onto the roofs of the little goat houses. He also has taken quite a liking to our little redhead, O'Malley, and follows (chases, actually) her around most of the day. Our chubby little O'Malley is becoming quite svelt as a result.

Jill's and Myrtle's babies are quite comical also....

Star and Ash are both as big as a barn...they are due to have their kids on April 15th. In this next video, you can see them, just for a moment, on the other side of the fence. Here is more goat fun.....even Jack and Jill have Spring fever!


  1. Your "kids" are tooo cute and certainly not camera shy! lol!
    Sending them goat smoochies...

  2. I could watch them all day! They are very entertaining.

  3. Ahhh, I am still in love with your goats :)

  4. Jack looks like a proud papa


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