Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nursery News

Our dear little goaties continue to grow each day. At first we were quite worried about Missy's little guy. He is the tri-color buckling in this picture. Becky thought that Missy had kicked him out of her womb before he was quite cooked. According to calculations, he was born just a tad early. For the first few days he just layed around sleeping most of the time, and for a couple of days we were worried that he would not thrive. Missy has been quite the attentive Mama and he has developed nicely. He now runs around and plays like the rest. He is still a bit small and spindly, but he has a great spirit.

Myrtle's twins are also growing and becoming more active. Her little doeling covered my face with goat kisses yesterday as I sat holding her. It is also impossible to get a clear picture of both of these little one is always on the move! I must is going to be quite hard to let go of any of these kids...they really worm their ways into your heart. Forest and Bubba are especially friendly and spend all of their time trying to jump into your lap. They fancy themselves to be mountain goats and are quite adept at climbing and leaping!

Here is Forest..."wind" in his ears is a new experience! By the way, he is definitely my favorite goat. He spends most of his time leaping into your lap....I can only imagine how this will be when he weighs 90 lbs!

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  1. Bev, they are lookin good!! Forest and the tri-color are just adorable..Forest reminds me of my "Roger Rabbit" that I used to have :o)


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