Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lets Try This.....

Here is a link to our goat video as previously mentioned. Enjoy!!


  1. Haha, they are so sweet and clearly enjoy the see-saw! We used to have a nanny goat on our allotment and she was called Blossom. Dad used to play with her by putting his hand out and she would head-but it and then chase after him, even in her old age. Each time we walked through the gate, she would run up to us and if we had brought friends they would put their hands out to try and stop her and we'd say "don't put your hand out because she will head-but you!". It was so funny to see their faces when she ran up to us...all she wanted was a small cake/muffin that she was given each time we visited her!
    Best Wishes, from Meg x

  2. Oh my!! They are just so adorable. Is one of the babies coming mine? :) It would be so cool if I could buy one of them in the spring. Of course, I am very close to my neighbor's house, so the goat would have to be pretty quiet, or he would freak out! LOL He barely tolerated my chickens for the longest time. He is over that now, though!

  3. I love horses and goats too! Got some pictures on my blog...


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