Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goat Pregnancies.....Exciting News!!!

If you all will remember, I had told you the story of our little fainting goat buck's first attempt at procreation.....in a nutshell, he attempted to mount and dropped over in a faint. Well, the good news is......HE DID IT!!! Three of our females, Jill, Missy and Myrtle have conceived. Becky ultrasounded them all and found that all are carrying twins, except for Missy. In Missy's case, only one fetus was seen. Also, our Dwarf Nigerian Goats (Star and Ash) are carrying twins....so we will are preparing for nine or more little kids this Spring. Becky says we can start passing out the cigars!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!! What an exciting Spring this is going to be. Look for upcoming Birth Announcememts! (and lots and lots of pictures.....oh boy, the paperazzi will be out in full swing!!!


  1. how neat..little goat twins! what fun. and yes..we their adoring fan club..ha..will need to see pictures.:0)

  2. Aaw that's fantastic news! Congratulations! It puts a new meaning to "the pitter-patter of little feet", doesn't it?! How long is it until they have the kids?
    As gardengoose said, "will need to see pictures". I'm so excited!
    Hope all the pregnancies and births go well, from Meg and cats xxx

  3. Congrats!! ARe you sewing up little goatie booties? :)

    Spent some time meandering through your blog today.....wonderful. I loved each and every entry. Like the start of your new blog too.

    Got your card! Thank you it is beautiful!!


  4. How wonderful!,I've just found you from the kittens mothers blog,I'm so glad I did!Lovely sets of twins,how exciting,my you are going to have your hands full!!! but well worth it,I'll be checking back to see how they all are!love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

  5. you must visit Peggy: hidden haven homestead ~ she breeds goats and has new babies just arrived!


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