Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Troops Take Over Bee Haven Acres

This year our Thanksgiving celebration was started with a paintball tournament. The troops gathered at 11:30 AM for debriefing and issuing of BDU's and firearms. The day was blustery so we all dressed in many layers (a good idea when playing paintball...as more layers decrease the sting of the hits!) We took off for the woods on ATV's and Gator loaded with additional rounds of ammuntition and refreshments. The afternoon's games included "capture the flag", "capture the fugitives", "ATV jousting", "storming the fort", several duels and "each man for himself". After 4 hours of play, we were all exhausted and starved. We returned to the house for a traditional turkey dinner. It was great to have all the kids together for such a fun day! We all had a few welts and lots of great memories to carry home with us!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Perfect Autumn Day

I thought I would share some pictures from this weekend. It was one of those perfect Autumn weekends....the air was crisp, the leaves turned and falling. The farm has taken on a lazier feel now that summer has ended. The animals are starting to grow their winter coats and seem to be happy to say goodbye to the heat of previous months. I took Moonbeam from the pasture and ran him around the dry-lot for a few minutes in preparation for riding him. It is always good for him to get the running out of his system first. Jack captured a few pictures of him running. He is such a splendid sight....mane and tail flying in the wind, pure joy in his hooves..... Next we tacked-up and went up to the arena for a little work.

When we arrived back at the barn we were greeted by the screeching crazy guinea hens...doing their thing (not sure what that is, but they do it all over a half mile radius) You can see how they march in formation. What a crazy bunch of birds!
Here are more pictures from the weekend. By the way, Tin Lizzy is our old tractor...she is almost 60 years old and still runs fine!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Maddie Awaits the Holidays

Well, a picture says a hundred words...and dear, sweet Maddie is so very tolerant of my shenanigans!(please ignore the goober in her eye...eye boogies are a way of life with Newfies!)
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